According to the experience of many magic mushrooms consumers, It is noticed that consuming magic mushrooms orally maximizes your uptake. So fewer feel enforced to try to smoke shrooms as a form of intake.

Smoking magic mushrooms often includes other things into the mixture like weed or tobacco, which carry side effects, that can lead to a good or bad trip. You can smoke shrooms, but a better question would be, should you?

Doing some experiment is a good thing, but experiment with magic mushrooms may result in another kind of experience, but there has been a lot of studies done on the body’s interaction with magic mushrooms resulting after ingestion. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons and benefits and drawbacks of smoking and eating magic mushrooms.

What Should be the Point of Combustion?

Magic Mushrooms consumers always face the problems of very low combustion point of magic mushrooms only 180 degrees Celsius, while cigarettes and joints burn at 500 to 900 degrees Celsius. So, the very process of smoking shrooms destroys the compound that makes you high. There are still those that maintain that smoking mushrooms along with consuming them boosts the trip and makes them more enjoyable.

Some Positive Effects of Smoking Magic Mushrooms

There is not so much data behind this, but a lot of claims of euphoria and intense epiphany are found. Smoking is said to induce a more temporal version of the trip compared to ingestion. This can result in feelings of happiness, uplifting of the senses, feelings of appreciation for the sights and sounds of nature, and enhanced creativity.

The effect is clearer, better, and higher than weed and seems to be less tripping and more mental clarity. But some users claim that they have experienced psychoactivity and smoking mushrooms could be a mild high when compared with ingesting the magic mushrooms.

Can Smoking Magic Mushrooms affect Users’ health?

Smoking magic mushrooms can cause some serious chaos on your body, because of stray spores ending up in your lungs and causes aspergillosis, a respiratory infection which is caused by fungus. This condition can lead to blood vessel damage and severe illness. Other symptoms of aspergillosis are headaches, fatigue, wheezing, shortness of breath, and skin lesions. By taking antibiotics and surgery, this can be treated.

Which is better Eating or Smoking Magic Mushrooms?

There is not much evidence that claims which one is better eating or smoking. The combustion process removes the ability of psilocybin to provide a psychoactive trip. So, the consuming of magic mushrooms through ingestion is still the best way to trip. It can result in a bad trip experience when a user may be more inclined to combine other substances. When you smoked magic mushrooms, it will provide no effect, and produce little or no benefits.


Smoking magic mushrooms is not worth the health risk, when you think of the risk to your respiratory health and the fact that you’re more than not, smoking other active ingredients with the magic mushrooms anyway, there is no rationale.

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