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‘What Season do magic mushrooms grow?’ is a very common question among the magic mushrooms hunters. Like other living creatures, there are times when magic mushrooms grow most sporadically. Some people spend hours combing through deciduous forests which ideally provide the right conditions for magic shrooms to grow but they still go home without getting them.

So, understanding when magic mushrooms start growing is crucial to success and pockets full of psilocybin mushrooms.

The best time to grow magic mushrooms depends on the weather, climate, location of the woods, and the skill of the forager. According to the Mushroom Huntress, magic mushrooms grow in the spring, summer, and fall seasons, but some appear in the winter. Magic Mushrooms are the North American Psilocybe species, are the psychedelic versions that take you on a mental journey. Some seasons provide the right amount of sunlight, humidity, and temperature to allow magic mushrooms to grow. Not all types of magic mushrooms grow at the same time of the year, some will grow during specific seasons in specific locations only.

Here is the list of some most common magic mushrooms and the times of the year when they can be found growing.

  • Psilocybe cubensis- This is the most common form of the magic mushroom, which is found year-round in many countries particularly in the tropical and subtropical regions. In the USA, these mushrooms are found in the river valleys and highlands of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Usually, these mushrooms are seen scattered, grouped, or clustered on cow dung.
  • Psilocybe cyanescens- These mushrooms grow only 4 to 5 months (from late October to February) in the Pacific Northwest south to the San Francisco Bay Area. It is also grown in areas such as New Zealand, Western Europe, Central Europe, and parts of West Asia such as Iran. They grow in clusters.
  • Psilocybe Mexicana- These mushrooms grow in small groups among moss and along roadsides, this is one of the magic mushrooms which is capable of producing truffles or sclerotia. These sclerotia grow underground and have the same hallucinogenic capabilities as the fruiting body that grows above ground.
  • Psilocybe weili- These magic mushrooms are growing gregariously from May to December, it is found under Loblolly Pine and Sweet Gum or in Bermuda grass or fescue, often in red clay soil enriched with pine needles.

When To Grow Magic Mushrooms fast?

To grow magic mushrooms, you need preferred mediums such as decomposing bark, dung, mulch, soil, compost, or decaying matter. Once spores from magic mushrooms get the right environment and medium, it only needs three other factors like light, humidity, and temperature to grow these hallucinogenic fungi.

Mediums that are required for growing magic mushrooms are the following:

  • Light- Magic mushrooms do not contain chlorophyll, so they don’t require sunlight or photosynthesis to grow. They only need some dim light to form fruit bodies.
  • Humidity and Water- Moisture is also very important for psilocybin mushrooms to bear fruit. Still, they do have not any moisturizing barrier, so they can lose moisture very easily. So, to prevent water retention, high humidity is needed.
  • Right Temperature- Magic Mushrooms grow very fast in a cool environment, so they need a surrounding with a temperature of 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit to grow their fruiting bodies.

Because of these growing medium requirements, magic mushrooms are not seen during dry weather, only found when moisture and humidity are abundant. In high rainfall areas, they grow very fast. During the rainy season, a sudden change in temperature and moisture triggers the fruiting response, resulting in mushroom production.

As per the Japanese farmers, thunderstorm helps a lot to grow magic mushrooms fast. So, these farmers have prayed for thunderstorms over their fields to yield more mushrooms which are staples of Japanese cuisines. Japanese Scientists have tested that bombarding mushrooms with artificial lighting can cause the fungi to multiply. The latest results show that lightning strength jolts can double the yield of mushrooms.

When Magic Mushrooms are Ready to Consume?

Magic mushrooms are ready just before the veil breaks. Normally, this breaking time ranges between 5-12 days after the mushrooms start popping up from the ground. This broad is due to the getting right condition (humidity, light, temperature, and fresh air) to grow magic mushrooms. It is very important to harvest and eat magic mushrooms just before the veil breaks because this is the actual time when magic mushrooms are most potent.

Now you are aware of the growing condition and weather of magic mushrooms, so check your calendar and start growing magic mushrooms.

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