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Magic Mushroom Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar


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Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars are a tasty and popular method for you to dose your intake of shrooms. Many say that cacao enhances your magic mushroom experience. Each chocolate bar is 3000mg of 100% Cubensis Magic Mushrooms.

  • 3000mg chocolate bar contains 10 pieces, each piece is 300mg, total 3000mg
  • 6000mg chocolate bar contains 10 pieces, each piece is 600mg, total 6000mg

Magic mushroom chocolate is definitely one of the most popular forms of intaking shrooms today. It’s much more pleasant than chewing away at dried shrooms, and many say it’s much easier on the stomach. Many even say that magic mushrooms and cacao creates an enhanced experience.

Our Magic Mushroom is grounded to powder, which will make easier for your body to absorb and feel stronger, mainly due to surface area.

Our Magic Mushroom Cookies and Cream bar is made with 100% Cacao, and real Oreo’s providing you with an authentic experience and cookie cream texture.

3000mg – Each piece contains 300mg per piece.
6000mg – Each piece contains 600mg per piece.

Depending on what experience you are looking for, you can try these dosages:

  • Microdose: 1 piece
  • Mini-dose: 1-2 pieces
  • Museum Dose: 2-5 pieces
  • Moderate Dose: 7-10 pieces

3000mg, 6000mg

1 review for Magic Mushroom Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar

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