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Coffee is one of the most widely used beverages, and people like it so much. It affects our body in different ways, it can change our mood instantly, activate the liver detoxification process, Boosts our nervous system function, and affect our pH, and demineralizing the body. It can affect our sleep. On a positive note, coffee boosts dopamine and neuron firing and improves your brain’s memory, mood, and alertness. Coffee contains antioxidants and energizing properties.

Magic Mushrooms and Coffee

For enhancing health benefits to your coffee, you should add psychedelic mushrooms to your brew to alleviate anxiety and depression. For an enjoyable and spiritual experience, you should focus on the doses. Magic mushrooms will also lessen some of the jitters and crash effects of the coffee. By combining the ingredients below, you can get more sustained energy. With the magic mushrooms, you can look forward to a bit of a psychoactive journey, or you can use a microdose and simply counteract some of the less desirable effects of straight coffee, like the crash later in the afternoon.

A brew of coffee combined with mushrooms is surprisingly pleasant or unpleasant. If you prepare it properly, you can make a good cup of coffee. By mixing the shrooms in your coffee, you will get the health benefits.

How To Prepare Magic Mushrooms Coffee?

To prepare a brew of coffee with magic mushrooms, you need 8 oz. of brewed coffee (preferably organic), ¼ cup of your milk of choice, 4 droppers of a mushroom tincture, 1tsp vanilla, ½ tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp maca root powder, 1 pinch sea salt, 1 tsp honey or maple syrup.

Now brew your coffee with a pinch of sea salt, blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender, blend them well at high temperature and you get a tasty cup of coffee.

You can buy magic mushrooms online in Canada. They offer products with the right information and keep you informed about the exciting developments, as it continues to get better.

Can You Consume Weed and Magic Mushrooms together?

Can you consume weed and magic mushrooms together or not? Before getting the answer to this, we should know the characteristics of both and then understand if their combination is good or not?


Describing the effect or characteristics of the weed is complicated, there are a variety of types of effects from various types of weed. Modern weed is now a hybrid, meaning that there is a balance between Sativa strains and Indica strains. There are also hybrids of hybrids and then CBDs. These are cannabinoids that don’t have a psychoactive effect, but they are therapeutic.

The dosage depends on the strain of cannabis, and what the cannabinol content is, cannabis has been described as stimulating, energizing, mellowing, euphoric, or relaxing. Cannabis strains with higher content of Sativa will offer a more energizing and high while an Indica strain delivers a relaxing body effect. A cannabis high feels like an occasion, certainly, their perspective changes and the user finds their sensory perceptions to be accentuated. The colors are brighter, the music is more beautiful, Humour is more humorous. Consumers may also notice more disturbing thoughts. Like other psychoactive compounds, cannabis accentuates the mood you bring to it.

Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms consumers feel a kind of energy coursing through their body especially their chest and muscles. One begins to experience clarity of thought, yet from new perspectives, many seem to come from outside of one’s thought process. They can also experience changes in visual surroundings and hallucinations.

After consuming magic mushrooms, users reported a loss of appetite and difficulty sleeping. So, whenever you have a thought for a magic mushroom trip, you should keep a bottle of water nearby and a comfortable place.

Similarities between Cannabis (Weed) and Magic Mushrooms

Cannabis and magic mushrooms are similar in some specific ways. Both have the efficiency to alter the user’s thought processes and perceptions. Both cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms stimulate creative thought, enhance the appreciation of joy, the beauty of art and nature, and humor. They can also both bring up some rather negative and rater feelings of joy.

What happens when Combining the Two?

Pleasant Effects

These two substances give both positives and negatives effects. The most noticeable outcome is that the mushrooms will dominate the experience. You would want them complementing each other and not competing with each other. If you combine weed with magic mushrooms, it could help to get a positive experience. It can also boost a more surreal hallucination. When the right stain and the right amount of cannabis are taken, it can also prevent an unpleasant experience. Users of both weeds and magi mushrooms will many times smoke weed toward the end of a mushroom trip, this can increase a lagging tail-end of a trip and make it as enjoyable and as exciting as the come-up.

Negative Effects

If you feel the bad effect, it’s a good idea to not be so far out there that you can’t navigate and find calm waters. Sometimes combining cannabis with your magic mushroom trip can confuse you to the point of turning a challenging trip into a deep chaotic nightmare. You can’t expect cannabis to change a good trip into a great trip. Magic Mushrooms can create clarity and present you with striking experiences. So, it is suggested that you should begin your magic mushroom trip without cannabis and save it for the ahead, or for another time.

Whether to Combine

If you have thought to make a try it, we suggest you start with a lower THC content Sativa. This can provide quite a beautiful and smooth effect on your cannabis trip. If you do it improperly or in the wrong way, it can lead to some pretty dark times that lessen your ability to appreciate the benefits of a productive psilocybin trip.

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