Golden Teachers

The Golden Emperor Mushrooms is a type of psilocybin mushroom, mostly grown in North America’s Pacific Northwest region, as well as parts of Central America. They are extremely rare and difficult to find. And they grow for a short period from late summer to fall.

Golden Emperor is genetic isolation from the Golden Teacher Magic mushrooms, one of the famous cubensis strains. It was classified in the late 1980s and because of its insightful experiences and intense feelings of euphoria and connection, it is liked by many cannabis consumers.

This cubensis is known by many different names, depending on which language you speak, but the meaning is the same “the emperor”.

Why do People like to Consume Golden Emperor Mushrooms?

Golden Emperor Mushrooms, also known as “The Golden Teacher Mushroom” has always been a legend. It provides a feeling of happiness without any reason, after consuming it you don’t know where all your giggles are coming from. This is a great cubensis type for increasing creativity and visual capabilities. New ideas come into your mind and you will become more appreciative of the things that you are not before. The Golden Emperor Mushrooms will always take you to a new adventure with profound sensation.

What are the Effects of Golden Emperor Mushrooms?

The effects of Golden Emperor Mushrooms are mild, and great for beginners. If you are a newbie, it will be the best strain to welcome in the world of magic mushrooms. It gives a casual tripping effect as well as a shamanic and spiritual force. It can create a feeling of enlightenment for its consumers as well as connect you with the beauty of nature. Spiritual People consume this shroom for the restoration of minds and spirit. It also creates hallucination that is very common in all magic mushrooms effects. It can take place with your eyes wide open or closed. Golden emperor mushrooms are the key to opening the mysteries of the universe. You will also gain peace within yourself.

The Golden Emperor Mushrooms Dosage

The recommended dose of these magic shrooms is from 11 to 2.5 grams. It may appear too less for the experienced consumers, but a safe amount for the newbies to start, continuously you can increase the dosage.

Golden Emperor Mushrooms To Buy Online Canada

The Golden Emperor Mushrooms are the wonderful world of psilocybes, making it very popular among psychedelic consumers, producing everything from simple visual tracers at lower doses to transformative and mind-altering at higher doses.

How this magic mushroom strain shows effects, varies from human to human, which means everyone’s physiology and metabolism are different, also brain functioning and body size. The effects also depend on your surrounding and emotional state, all of these factors play a significant role in how each individual may respond to psilocybin.

So, if you are a newcomer and thinking of trying the Golden Emperor Mushroom online in Canada, continuously increasing your dosage, for shopping the magic mushrooms, you should choose a safe, convenient, and licensed online Weed store.

Order The Golden Emperor Mushrooms Online?

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